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How To Delete Company In Tally | Tally Me Company Delete Kaise Kare

How To Delete Company In Tally : Let’s talk today, How To Remove/Close Company In Tally ? Friends, if you have been using tally, So you must have known how to use Tally? But sometimes we forget some things, So let’s talk about. In this post we will tell you the complete process on How To Remove A Company. Let’s get started…

How To Delete Company In Tally

Students make many companies in tally to learn tally. Learning their various tasks, completing them. It is very easy to create a company in tally, but it is even easier to delete a company.

To delete a company, you have to follow some easy steps.

What Are The Steps To Delete A Company ?

Step 1 : First of all open Tally software. You will see Gateway of Tally Screen on Tally Screen.

Step 2: You have to go to Company Info from the Gateway of Tally. To go to the Company Info, the Company Info Shortcut Key will be used, which is ALT + F3 .

Gateway Of Tally >> Press Alt+F3 >> Company Info

company info

Tally Company Info

Step 3: As soon as the window of Company Info opens in front of you. So you will see Alter option in it, click on it.

company info

Step 4:

The company list will appear in front of you. Which of those companies do you want to remove/delete, select it and click.

company delete

Tally Company Delete Shortcut Key

Step 5: Now the details of that company will open in front of you. Tally Company Delete Shortcut Key will be used to delete the company which is ALT+D.

company delete

Step 6: Tally Company Delete Option will appear in front of you. You will see two options, Yes and No, you have to delete the company, for this you click on the Yes option.

company delete

And in this way we can delete any company.

Free GST Tally Shortcut Keys PDF

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In this post we learned about delete company shortcut key. In this post, we have explained you step by step the process of deleting the company in detail.

I hope, you must have liked this post and if you have any question related to this post, So do tell us by commenting and do share with your friends.

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