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GST Invoice Format In Excel Download 2022 | GST Bill Format PDF

GST Bill Format : Today we are going to give you information about GST Bill Format. You will get to see all kinds of information related to GST bill in this post, as well as what are the things required for GST bill, all of them have been explained in detail in this post. So let’s get started…

How Many Types of Invoice In GST ?

Friends, GST bills are generated in two ways which are as follows:

Tax Invoice

Tax invoice can be generated on your all kinds of sales,

Bill of Supply

Bill of supply is only generated when you make discount/exempt sale + Sale by composition dealer.

Types of Invoices Under GST

How Will Tax Be Charged On Bills

On Local Sales/Intra-State Sales :

You will only charge CGST and SGST on Local sales.

On Central Sales/Inter-State Sales :

You will charge IGST on GST invoice in Central Sales.

For Example

gst bill format 1

Compulsory Items Required In Tax Invoice In GST

  • Name, Address & GSTIN Number of Supplier/Seller,
  • Date of Issue of Invoice,
  • Name, Address & GSTIN Number of Buyer or their Company If Registered,
  • In Case of Unregistered Buyer, Name, Address, State, Place of Delivery is compulsorily required if Invoice Value before taxes is more than Rs. 50000,
  • HSN Code of Goods or SAC Code of Goods,
  • Description of Goods/Items,
  • Quantity with their Units; e.g. nos. kgs. pkt. etc.
  • Total Value,
  • Discount if any & Taxable Value (Total Value-Discount),
  • Rate of Tax (Separately show CGST, SGST, without IGST, UTGST, Cess if any),
  • Place of Supply (It is required For Interstate Sales),
  • Shipping & Billing Address of Buyer/Company,
  • Whether Tax is Payable Under Reverse Charge,
  • Signature/Digital Signature of Authorized Signatory.

Sample Of GST Tax Invoice Format

Tax Invoice on Goods For Local

Sale invoice format

Tax Invoice On Goods For Central

gst bill format 3

GST Invoice Format In Excel Download

Click Here : GST Bill Format In Excel For Goods

Tax Invoice On Goods For Local II

gst invoice format 2

Tax Invoice On Goods For Central II

gst invoice format

GST Bill Format In Excel Download II

Click Here : GST Tax Invoice Format For Goods II

Tax Invoice On Services 

gst bill for Services

GST Tax Invoice Format In Excel For Services

Click Here : GST Tax Invoice Format For Services

What is a GST Invoice ?

GST bill is a bill that shows the value of the goods to be shipped and the necessary conditions attached thereto. The tax applicable to the value of goods in the GST bill is the same as the one you receive from your GST registered Vendor.

Who Should Issue GST Invoice ?

Any person who is running a GST registered business, that person or company can issue GST bill to his customer. Also, any person or company that is a GST registered vendor will issue you a GST Purchase Invoice.

How Many Copies Of Invoices Should Be Issued ?

If you are selling goods, you will need 3 copies of the invoice i.e Buyer copy, Office Copy, Transporter Copy.

And if you are providing service then you will need only 2 copies of invoice i.e Buyer copy, Office Copy.


Friends, here we have given you information about the GST Bill Format. Hope you have understood this complete information.

If you have any question related to this post then you must tell us by commenting. We will try our greatest to clear your confusion.

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