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Tally Prime Shortcut Keys PDF Download | Shortcut Keys In Tally Prime

Tally Prime Shortcut Keys : Have you started learning Tally Prime? If you have started learning Tally Prime software, then you should also know what shortcut keys are used to use that software. Which will be of great use to you in the future. Here in this post we are giving you the | Tally Shortcut Keys List Download PDF | .

Tally prime shortcut keys pdf download

Tally Prime All Shortcut Keys – Tally Prime Shortcut Keys

Friends, by the way, Tally Prime has brought the latest software, which is considered to be the most updated software in the world of Tally. Though this new software is being used almost like our Tally ERP 9 but it has some special features, which make Tally Prime and Tally ERP 9 software different.

This topic list out various shortcut keys that can be used in Tally Prime – for faster data entry.

Tally Prime Shortcut Keys Hide – Hidden Keys – Across TallyPrime

Action Shortcut Key Equivalent in Tally.ERP 9
To go back to the previous screen by closing the currently open screen

To remove inputs that’s provided/selected for a field

Esc Esc
To open Company Features screen F11 F11
To move to the first/last menu during a section Ctrl+Up/Down Ctrl+Up/Down
To move to the left-most/right-most drop-down top menu Ctrl+Left/Right None
To move from any line to the primary line during a list Home & PgUp Home & PgUp
To from any point during a field to the start of the text therein field Home Home
To move from any line to the last line during a list End & PgDn End & PgDn
To move from any point during a field to the top of the text therein field End End
To move one line up during a list

To move to the previous field

Up arrow Up arrow
To move one line down during a list
To move to subsequent field
Down arrow Down arrow
To move:
  • One position left during a text field
  • To the previous column on the left
  • To the previous menu on the left
Left arrow Left arrow
To move:
  • One position right during a text field
  • To subsequent column on the proper
  • To subsequent menu on the proper
Right arrow Right arrow
To rewrite data Ctrl+Alt+R Ctrl+Alt+R
To quit the appliance Alt+F4 None
To view the build information Ctrl+Alt+B Ctrl+Alt+B
To view TDL/Add-on details Ctrl+Alt+T Ctrl+Alt+T
To navigate to subsequent artifact within the context
To increment the Report date or next report during a sequence of reports displayed
+ +
To navigate to the previous artifact within the context
To decrement Report date or previous report during a sequence of reports displayed
To accept or save a screen Ctrl+A Ctrl+A
To expand or collapse a gaggle during a table Alt+Enter Alt+Enter
To move to the last field or last line Ctrl+End Ctrl+End
To move to the primary field or first line Ctrl+Home Ctrl+Home
To open or hide calculator panel Ctrl+N Ctrl+N (to Open)
Ctrl+M (to Hide)
To exit a screen or the appliance Ctrl+Q Ctrl+Q

Hidden Keys – Reports

Actions Shortcut Key Equivalent in Tally.ERP 9
To insert a voucher during a report Alt+I Alt+I
To create an entry within the report, by duplicating a voucher Alt+2 Alt+2
To drill down from a line during a report Enter Enter
To delete an entry from a report Alt+D Alt+D
To add a voucher during a report Alt+A Alt+A
To cancel a voucher from a report Alt+X Alt+X
To remove an entry from a report Ctrl+R Alt+R
To hide or show the small print during a table Alt+T Alt+T
To display all hidden line entries, if they were removed Alt+U Ctrl+U
To display the last hidden line (If multiple lines were hidden, pressing this shortcut repeatedly will restore the last hidden line first and follow the sequence) Ctrl+U Alt+U
To expand or collapse information during a report Shift+Enter Shift+Enter
To alter a master during voucher entry or from drill-down of a report Ctrl+Enter Ctrl+Enter
To select/deselect a line during a report Space bar Space bar
To select or deselect a line during a report Shift+Spacebar Shift+Spacebar
To perform linear selection/deselection multiple lines during a report Shift+Up/Down None
To select or deselect all lines during a report Ctrl+Spacebar Ctrl+Spacebar
To select or deselect lines till the end Ctrl+Shift+End Ctrl+Shift+End
To select or deselect lines till the highest Ctrl+Shift+Home Ctrl+Shift+Home
To invert selection of line items during a report Ctrl+Alt+I Ctrl+Alt+I

Hidden Keys – Vouchers – Tally Prime Shortcut Keys PDF

Action Shortcut Key Equivalent in Tally.ERP 9
Only Vouchers
To retrieve Narration from the previous ledger Alt+R Alt+R
To open the calculator panel from Amount field Alt+C Alt+C
To delete a voucher/transaction Alt+D Alt+D

Tally Prime Shortcut Key Cancel Voucher

To cancel a voucher –

Alt+X Alt+X
To open a producing journal from the number field of a journal voucher Alt+V Alt+V
To remove item/ledger line during a voucher Ctrl+D Ctrl+D
To retrieve the Narration from the previous voucher, for an equivalent voucher type. Ctrl+R Ctrl+R
Masters & Vouchers
To go to subsequent input field Tab Tab
To go to the previous input field Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
To remove the worth typed Backspace Backspace
To create a master, on the fly Alt+C Alt+C
To open the calculator panel Alt+C Alt+C
To insert the bottom currency symbol in an input field. Alt+4


To open the previously saved master or voucher
To scroll up in reports
Page Up Page Up
To open subsequent master or voucher
To scroll down in reports
Page Down Page Down
To copy text from an input field Ctrl+C


To paste input copied from a text field. Ctrl+V



Other Keyboard Shortcuts – New Tally Prime Shortcut Keys

Action Shortcut Key Location in TallyPrime Equivalent in Tally.ERP 9

Across Tally Prime

To primarily open a report, and make masters and vouchers within the flow of work. Alt+G Top menu None
To switch to a special report, and make masters and vouchers within the flow of work. Ctrl+G Top menu None
To open Company top menu Alt+K Top menu None
To switch to a different company from the list of open companies F3 Right button F3
To select and open another company located within the same folder or other data paths Alt+F3 Right button Alt+F3
To shut the currently loaded companies Ctrl+F3 Right button Alt+F1
To open TallyHelp topic supported the context of the screen that’s open Ctrl+F1 Top menu Alt+H
To open the list of configurations applicable for the report/view F12 Right button F12
To open the corporate menu with the list of actions associated with managing your company Alt+K Top menu None
To open the list of actions applicable to managing  the corporate data Alt+Y Top menu None
To open the list of actions applicable to sharing or exchanging your company data Alt+Z Top menu None
To open the import menu for importing masters, transaction, and bank statements Alt+O Top menu None
To open the e-mail menu for sending transactions or reports Alt+M Top menu None
To open the print menu for printing transactions or reports. Alt+P Top menu None
To open the export menu for exporting masters, transactions, or reports Alt+E Top menu None
To open the Help (the assistance) menu F1 Top menu None
To open TallyHelp topic supported the context of the screen that’s open Ctrl+F1 Top menu Alt+H
To select the display language that’s applicable across all screens Ctrl+K Top menu Alt+G
To select the data entry language that’s applicable to all or any screens Ctrl+W Top menu Alt+K


To view the report in detailed or condensed format Alt+F1


Right button Alt+F1
To open the GST Portal Alt+V Right button Ctrl+O
To add a replacement / a new column Alt+C Right button Alt+C
To alter a column Alt+A Right button Alt+A
To delete a column Alt+D Right button Alt+D
To auto repeat columns Alt+N Right button Alt+N
To filter data during a report, with a specific range of conditions Alt+F12 Right button Alt+F12
To calculate balances using vouchers that satisfy  the chosen conditions Ctrl+F12 Right button Ctrl+F12
To views values in several ways during a report Ctrl+B Right button None
To change view – display report details in several views
To navigate to Voucher View from Summary reportsTo navigate to post-dated cheque related transactions report
Ctrl+H Right button F7/F8/F9


To view the exceptions associated with a report Ctrl+J Right button None


To open Contra voucher F4 Accounting Vouchers F4
To open Payment voucher F5 Accounting Vouchers F5
To open Receipt voucher F6 Accounting Vouchers F6
To open Journal voucher F7 Accounting Vouchers F7
To open Stock Journal voucher Alt+F7 Inventory Vouchers Alt+F7
To open Physical Stock Ctrl+F7 Inventory Vouchers Alt+F10
To open Sales voucher F8 Accounting Vouchers F8
To open Delivery Note Alt+F8 Inventory Vouchers Alt+F8
To open Sales Order Ctrl+F8 Order  Vouchers None
To open Purchase voucher F9 Accounting Vouchers F9
To open Receipt Note Alt+F9 Inventory Vouchers Alt+F9
To open Purchase Order Ctrl+F9 Order Vouchers None
To open Credit Note Alt+F6 Accounting Vouchers Ctrl+F8
To open Debit Note Alt+F5 Accounting Vouchers Ctrl+F9
To open Payroll voucher Ctrl+F4 Payroll Vouchers None
To open Rejection In voucher Ctrl+F6 Inventory Vouchers Ctrl+F6
To open Rejection Out voucher Ctrl+F5 Inventory Vouchers Alt+F6
To view list of all vouchers F10 Vouchers None
To mark a voucher as Post-Dated Ctrl+T Right button Ctrl+T
To auto-fill details Ctrl+F Right button Ctrl+A
To change mode – open vouchers in several / different modes Ctrl+H Right button Ctrl+V (As Voucher mode)
Alt+I (As Invoice mode)
To open the Stock Query report for the chosen stock item Alt+S Right button Alt+S
To mark a voucher as Optional Ctrl+L Right button Ctrl+L

Masters & Vouchers

To add more details to a master or voucher for the  the present instance Ctrl+I Right button None

Vouchers & Reports

To export  the present voucher or report Ctrl+E Top menu Alt+E
To e-mail  the present voucher or report Ctrl+M Top menu Alt+M
To print  the present voucher or report Ctrl+P Top menu Alt+P
To define stat adjustments Alt+J Right button Alt+J

Masters, Vouchers & Reports

To change the date of voucher entry or period for reports F2 Right button F2
To change the date of voucher entry or period for reports Alt+F2 Right button Alt+F2


To synchronize data Alt+Z Top menu None

Tally Prime Shortcut Keys Free PDF Download


So here we have given you, | Tally Prime Shortcut Keys PDF Download | button. By clicking on which you can easily download this PDF to your phone and use it anytime. Hope you liked this post of ours and you must have come to know about Tally Prime Shortcut Key.

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