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How to Learn Korean Language | Five Best Way To Learn Korean Language

how to learn korean

How to Learn Korean Language : Let’s talk about Korean language today, How To Learn Korean Language. See friends, the Korean language is said to be the Official Language of South Korean and North Korea and even Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture of China and if told, this Korean language is used as their Mother Tongue. The Korean language is used from Uzbekistan to Canada and Japan.

And It is said that Korean language is one of the most difficult and attractive language. But people are scared many times after seeing the script of Korean language because the size of Korean script is very much crooked. But friends, Korean language is one of the easiest languages, and if you already know Hindi then it will be very easy for you to learn this language.

And if you have a very high interest in learning a new language, then you must learn the Korean language because if you travel to any Korean country, then you will be able to talk to the people there. So let’s know | How To Learn Korean By Yourself  and  How To Study Korean | So let’s start…

How To Learn Korean Language Easily

See friends, for each language is very important in their country, but Korean language has a very high status. Korean language is one of the very easy and cool language for the purpose of learning.

But now it comes to | How To Learn Korean Language Fast | See friends, 5 ways to learn Korean language I have told you in this post, So let’s know them:

1. By Learning Hangul

The first way to learn Korean language is to know the alphabets of Korean language, if you know the alphabets of Korean language well, then you will not have any problem in learning Korean language, because to learn Korean language you need to start with Korean language. You must do it with Korean alphabets.

If you want to see your career in Korean language or want to write and read well in Korean later, then it is very important to know their alphabets.

And I believe that while learning the Korean language, you may find it a bit strange because it is completely different from the English language, because in the Korean language all alphabets are Roman alphabets.

Friends, for your information I want to tell that in Korean language i.e. Hangul language there are 24 Characters in total and 10 of them are of Vowels and 14 letters are of Consonants.

2. Counting In Korean Language

The second way comes to learn the Korean language counting. See friends, if you compare the English language with the Korean language, then the Korean language is definitely a bit harder than that, but it can also be learned.

In the same way, if we compare the Korean language counting and the English language counting, then it is also a bit difficult, because in the Korean language, the number is used in two different sentences.

3. Try To Learn Vocab

Friends, the third way is to remember Korean words. If you slowly start memorizing Korean language vocab, it will prove to be very beneficial for you.

Now it comes to How to remember the Vocab of Korean language? So friends, Set a goal for that, as you have to memorize at least 10 words of Korean language throughout the week.

By doing this you will be able to easily remember the Vocab of Korean language.

4. By Using Korean Dictionary

See friends, the best way to learn Korean language is to read Korean dictionary, if you start to understand and remember the meaning of one word from Korean dictionary everyday then it will become easier for you to learn Korean language.

Now people also ask which is the best Korean dictionary, So I want to tell you that Naver Dictionary is considered to be the best and popular in Korean dictionary.

5. Apps for Learning Korean

Come on friends, Now know, From which mobile apps you can learn Korean language. By the way, many applications are used to learn Korean language. But I would like to suggest you Learn Korean Communication for | Best App for Learning Korean |

I have given you a link here, you can download the app directly from here by clicking on it:

Learn Korean Communication Download 

How To Type In Korean

See friends, a lot of people have a question that How To Type In Korean? The simple answer to this is that if you can do English typing without looking at the keyboard, then typing in Korean language will be easy for you.

If you want to do Korean typing on the computer, then set your keyboard according to Korean typing.

And if you want to type in Korean language, then install Korean keyboard in your phone.

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See friends, I told you above How you can Learn Korean Language. If you have read this post completely, you must have seen that some methods have been mentioned above and some learning apps have been described. With the help of which you can easily learn Korean language soon.

Hope you liked this post and if you liked this post then share it with your friends.

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