Valentine Week List : Let us talk today about the festival of lovers/couples in the month of February, I mean Valentines Day. We all know that Valentines Day is celebrated on 14 February. But today, people have such a busy schedule that they are not able to take care of anything other than their work. Friends, this is why this post has been written so that you will be informed about the entire week of Valentines Day.

About Valentine’s Day:

See friends, Valentines Day is a festival celebrated all over the world. And it can also be said that Valentine’s Day is one of the International Festivals.

Now the question comes | Why We Celebrate Valentine’s Day| : So friends, I want to tell you for your information, Valentine’s Day is a special day for lovers. It is not just one day, but all the couples have a different feeling for this festival.

Couples wait a whole year for Valentine’s Day, so that they can make their partner feel special on the special days of Valentine’s Day and also try that how they can make those moments memorable for their love life.

Although Valentines Day is celebrated every year on February 14, but this festival has such a great importance in the life of every couple. Its not only on Valentine’s Day. Rather, the couples celebrate the whole Valentine’s Day Week with great love.

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Let’s know what is Valentine’s day Week List.

Valentine’s Day List 2021

which day is 7th Feb to 14th Feb?

DateDayDay Of The Week
7 Feb 2021Rose DaySunday
8 Feb 2021Propose DayMonday
9 Feb 2021Chocolate DayTuesday
10 Feb 2021Teddy DayWednesday
11 Feb 2021Promise DayThursday
12 Feb 2021Hug DayFriday
13 Feb 2021Kiss DaySaturday
14 Feb 2021Valentine's DaySunday

Above is a list of those days which are celebrated before Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day List After 14 Feb

So let’s talk about which days are celebrated after Valentines Day? List of the same is given below:

DateDayDay Of The Week
15 Feb 2021Slap DayMonday
16 Feb 2021Kick DayTuesday
17 Feb 2021Perfume DayWednesday
18 Feb 2021Flirting DayThursday
19 Feb 2021Confession DayFriday
20 Feb 2021Missing DaySaturday
21 Feb 2021Break Up DaySunday

It is a day which is celebrated very loudly not only in lovers but also in friends.

My Words For Valentine’s Day

See friends, I want to tell from my thoughts that Valentines Day is not just a festival of couples. Valentines Day can be celebrated by every person who loves someone, be it their life partner or if they are told, any person like you can do Valentines Day with your mother, sister, brother, friends or With whom you want to celebrate.

I hope you guys liked the article of Valentine Week List and if you liked this article, then you must share this post with your friends.

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